Sawyer Fell

Sawyer Fell


17 years old



  • Spooky Season

    When the air is crisp,

    with a chilly breeze,

    fall puts a spell on me.

    The leaves fall in a wisp,

    as an artist weaves-

    a portrait of the fiery sea.

    Though, it’s not February,

    love seeps through the air.

  • My Childhood Home

    My childhood home is filled with plants,

    plants that we never water

    but are somehow still alive.

    Its island is littered with junk mail,

    different types of olive oil,

    stray flakes of salt,

  • Sisters of the Land

    In most stories, there’s only two sides.

    Though, that is not the case here.

    Four sisters, rule the land side by side.

    The eldest, Winter, rules with a heart of ice.

    As her little sister, Spring creates a sea,