Oct 26
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Letting Go

    I look over my shoulder as we drive away. Away from what was once a happy life.  Away from where I had friends. Away from my old life the one that I have to forget about just so that I can move on in life with no worries. I couldn’t sleep, I wouldn’t eat all because of some stupid memory that was stuck in my head like a nightmare. Maybe it was but the screaming, the yelling, the blood it all seemed pretty real to me. So my family decided it would be better for me to just leave it all behind and start over somewhere else.
3 weeks ago

“Come on just come with me it will be fun. It’s just a party there is nothing wrong with having fun every once in awhile”

“Monica you know right well if I got to that party tonight I won’t be at school on Monday or any day to follow because my parents will have killed me”.

“Please just be normal for once”.

“Fine but only for an hour and then we go straight home so that I don’t get in trouble”.

    “Yay my house 5 o’clock be there or I’m leaving without you”

    The rest of the day flew by and when the final bell rang and school was out for the summer we all ran to our cars, to the buses to our house. Anywhere except for this stupid place I ran all the way just like I do every day but this day I have a feeling. A bad one, one where I feel like I’m about to make a bad mistake.

5 o’clock comes pretty fast and I head down the road to Monica’s. When I reach the end of her red brick driveway there are four other cars in the driveway. I walk up to the door and walk right in there they are and here is my mistake. I start to leave but Monica chases me down and begins to apologize. But there is nothing she can change she knows that I absolutely despise those people in that big rich house of hers. But I go to that stupid party that she wanted me to go to but I don’t want to.

We pull into the party with our music blasting and the windows rolled down. We go inside and party. One hour passes. Two hours. Three hours. Four hours. It’s midnight the moon at its fullest we head to the door and get in the car.

We drive the whole way home and reach the train bridge tunnel we don’t stop we just go faster, faster. The brakes screech we all scream. The truck honks and hits us head on. Blood smears the windows the screams stop immediately and then there are moans moans of pain and sickness. The yelling of pain and the screams of all the people that are in pain the only thing that I notice are my twisted and mangled legs and i can’t feel them.

Next thing I know I’m in a hospital with both legs in a cast and a bunch of machines beeping.  All I know is that I made it out alive when no one else did.