Oct 26

Here To Stay

She’s standing there, thinking.

Her freckle-dappled face seems to glow in the moonlight.

She has a wistful smile on her face as she gazes out into the distance, her pale eyes focused on nothing in particular.

She’s thinking about him.

No, not a boyfriend. She doesn’t have or want one.

She’s thinking about her brother.

He’s been away for a while. She’s not quite sure where he went. She does know that she misses him.

She closes her eyes for a moment. She pictures his face: soft brownish hair, blue eyes with the unique little ring of yellow around his pupils, his pale skin, and his pink lips which always seemed to be upturned in a smile.

His lips weren’t smiling when he told her that he had to leave for a while.

She would always refer to him as her little brother, even if he was only slightly younger.
Thinking about him hurt sometimes.

She opens her eyes.

She sees her brother in front of her, wearing a long brown coat with a button-up shirt and black jeans. He’s smiling again.

“Hello, Maribelle.”

She gasps and smiles brightly. She was about to speak when she blinked and as quickly as that, he was gone.

Her smile fades slightly, but only momentarily. She simply closes her eyes again and he was back, standing in front of her in her mind.

They embrace in a hug, and Maribelle is filled with peace that she didn’t realize she was deprived of. She just can’t help but run away to the comfort of her imagination sometimes.

It’s the only way she can get through every day.

She gains motivation by imagining herself finally being by her brother’s side again.

She returns back to reality, opening her eyes. Smiling gently, her dimples show.

Exhaling a soft sigh of happiness, she turns around. She’s face to face with someone.

Her brother is there, smiling at her, and this time she isn’t imagining it.

He’s here to stay.
About the Author: spiderwebs
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