Oct 30
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Today's Society

Today's society is like a 
forward bound snowball.
Like a snowball,
we keep moving forward.
Day by day,
instead of collecting snow,
we are making new
and creating new

As the snowball
moves forward,
it gets bigger
and heavier.
The bigger it gets,
the more problems
the snowball encounters
as it struggles to
continue moving forward.

Today's society
is like that snowball.
We have problems-
big problems that we've
ignored and denied
for too long.

Maybe, if we didn't
ignore and deny,
our world wouldn't
be so polluted.
Maybe, if we hadn't 
averted our eyes,
we would have seen 
the adverse effect
social media
and technology 
is having on today's teens.
Maybe, we could have 
prevented those 
who took their lives.
Maybe we could have
stopped all these
school shootings.
Maybe, if we had opened up our eyes sooner,
body image
wouldn't matter as much,
and animals wouldn't be at risk
of going extinct
because of climate change.
Maybe, just maybe,
if we had put away our 
differences we wouldn't have 
the problems we have today.

Teens see those new diets
on Pinterest and Instagram,
and those SnapChat filters
make them look thin and glam.

Celebreties and models with
tiny waists,
willowy bodies,
gleaming hair and
flawless faces make us wish
we could trade places.

Girls look in the mirror,
scarcely liking what we see.
Wishing and trying to
change their apperance,
even though they already
look perfect to you and me,
without having changed a thing.

Anorexia, Bulimia,
Depression and Anxiety.
You read these words
Why is it that when you read
those four words, it doesn't
seem strange?
It's because you hear those
words, and more,
over and over every day.
They've become so common,
so normal in this world
we live in today.

If you walked into
my school right now,
you'd hear things like;
"I actually want to kill myself",
"I'm going to kill myself",
"Nobody cares about me",
"I have no friends",
"I never should have been born",
"I just want to die in a hole".

And, you'd hear things like;
"Go die in a hole!"
"She's such a s**t! She should just go kill herself",
"He's so gross! Can't he just like, die?"
"Nobody cares about you!".
Those things get said
in everyday conversation and 
banter between friends.
Hard to believe?
Well, believe it.
Because that is only a
fraction of what gets said.
And it needs to stop.

OCD, depression, bipolar disorder,
anxiety, anorexia and bulimia-
They are serious 
mental health conditions.
Not adjectives.
And we need to stop using
them as such.

Nowadays, when someone says,
"I just want to shoot myself,"
we can't tell if they actually mean it,
or if they are just joking.
That's the problem.
There are people who say it,
and mean it,
but no one notices because
things like that get said all the time.

Think about it.
How many people do you think
commited suicide,
and said they wanted to?
This is why we need to stop.
How can we tell when someone
needs help, when everyone
is saying things like that?

The way our society is like today.
So lets stop ignoring,
stop denying.
Lets stop averting our eyes,
and open them intead.
Lets come together,
unite as one,