Oct 30


     What I love is my cats. My cats are very loving at night which I love because I want to cuddle at night all the time and they don´t sleep with me though. It is kinda sad because I like to hear cats purr as I fall asleep. I know because I have fallen asleep with one of my brothers cats. One of my cats looks like a inside of a snickers bar that is why we named her snickers and the other is onyx, we named her that because she was all black like the black onyx ring. Snickers doesn't like onyx and she will start  fight with her. Snickers will eat all the time and she does not let her sister eat quite often. They used to like going outside all the time and now they (mainly snickers) just sleep and ask for loving all the time. It is funny when we have a can that we open they think that it is tuna and sometimes it is not tuna.
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