Oct 31
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He's Here

It had been a long time, but know he was here, I can hear his heavy footsteps stop in front of the locked door to my room. I tighten my grip on the kitchen I grabbed before running up here, The sound of his, or should I say it’s heavy breathing plagues the room as tears run down my face in fear. I struggle not to scream as I hear the sound of a sharp object slowly drag itself across the door it finally comes to a stop, and then silence. No breathing, no footsteps, assuming it’s gone I let out a sigh of relief, though then something hisses on the other side of the door and my heat sinks. The footsteps start once more only faster right as the creature smashes itself into the door, I scream as I run into my closet and shut the doors tight behind me. The creature shrieks  as the door finally gives way letting the creature enter my room, now I can finally get a good look at it, it’s arms were too long for its body and with its slumped posture it’s clawed hands almost touch the ground, its clawed fingers are stained red with blood, my father’s blood, just then disturbing memories of how the creature tore my father apart fill my mind and I begin to cry. The creature then hears me and looks at me through the slits in the door, then my blood runs cold as it repeats the same phrase my dad would say at the end of a fun-filled game of hide and seek, “I found you”.
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