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There was a girl i used to go to school with. Her name was Blair. She had short blonde hair, and dark eyes. She always was at school in the morning but she was never there in the afternoon. One day I was walking to my next class and i heard something coming from behind a door that was always closed. I figured it was nothing. but something didn’t seem right. It sounded like a growl them a knock and a scratch So i decided to sit and watch the door. I sat there for about an hour and then I heard it again. It sounded like a growl, then a loud bang, them a scratch at the door. Then all of a sudden the door had finally opened and Blair walked out looking sick, and bruised. She looked pale as though she was dead.I watched her walk down the hall and disappear in a crowd of people. I was just so curious to know what was up there. Was it a dog? Was is another person? Was it just her? When i opened the door i saw an old creaky staircase that lead to the schools attic. I went up the stairs and opened the door. The room was huge and had a lot of random chairs, food and I could've sworn i saw blood . I had to explore more, everything was so new.

I felt like I had been walking for hours the room had just kept going on and on. Finally I came to a stop. However when i got to that stop i found something that i can never forget seeing. There were people in a circle, but not just any circle...a pentagram. The people were surrounded in bones and candles, And “satan” was written on the walls.

There was another girl there. She saw me… She screamed and yelled until they all noticed me. They dragged me into the demonic circle and started chanting. When i woke up i looked the way Blair looked when she came out o the mysterious room. Nobody was around and i saw my perfect chance to run. As i began to run i noticed that the staircase was much closer. I knew that something unusual had happened to me while i was out. I thought the stairs were closer than before but it wasn’t the stairs that had moved closer… It was me. The people had moved me all the way back so that i would leave when i saw the stairs. When i got out the light hurt my eyes. THe children were loud a nd i had this weird urge to hurt someone. I sprinted to my locker, got my stuff, I left without telling anyone and i Never saw that school again.
That all happened 20 years ago today. Now my children must go to school there is something still not right about that school. When i walked in i got an eerie feeling about that building. Without warning i raced up to the attic and nobody saw me. It was blocked of with boards and nails. I knocked all of it down. I didn’t want to go back up there but something was pulling me towards it. When I got up into the attic i saw pentagrams drawn all over the walls, along with blood on the floor, and bones hanging from the ceiling. Again it felt like i was walking for hours

After the kids first day they were never the same again. we moved and switched schools. They looked the same as both me and Blair. They couldn’t sleep and all was over for normal mortality

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