Nov 01
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The Short Seasons of Her Life

Your birth unlocks a new potential for the future
Alas, your smile untouched by treason
Possibilities accompany inescapable dangers
Oh how I can't wait to see your future's face. 

Your life justifies my loss of inhibition
Alas my heart is imprisoned in your hands
Held hostage by the restless perfection that you embody
Oh how I can't image my flower-filled world without you.

Your sickness, a shared disaster between us 
Alas, I wish to strip you of the cycle of screaming suffering
Holding you hostage as your, now weak, hands once held my heart tightly 
Oh how your bright light now fades and falls like Autumn leaves

Your death tempts my despondency
Alas, my world is winter without you
Nothing but a question of trifle
Oh how the sinister content of love almost always cheats mercy