Nov 02
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Best friends. Evelyn is happy. She is helpful to everyone. She is kind and loving. Cheerful. She is honest, and never will lie. She has a kind heart, and is so nice. She makes others feel happy, when they are around her. She is very generous. Brave. She is bright and always shining.

Evelyn is the perfect friend, for anyone to have. I imagine her, long brown hair with blond highlights. Green eyes that look at you and wonder what she is thinking about. Her voice is sweet. And her face is perfect. She is tall and skinny. She wears a silver ring with an aquamarine jewel, on her left hand.

Evelyn likes to adventure outside. Swimming. And exploring. She loves animals. Making forts in the woods. Watching cartoons. Climbing trees. Reading, always reading. She loves everything about nature.

Evelyn is shy. She is only talkative at home. But sneaky. And funny. She is active and always moving, always doing something. Silly. She is flexible and is up for doing anything. Never mad at anyone. She never gives up. Polite. I look up it her and follow her lead.

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