Nov 02
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It had been a long time, but now she was here. She is my best friend, Jane. She was coming from washington DC, we are going together on a plane to the bahamas. As she pulled into the driveway my dog Cookie ran out to greet her and I followed. She opened the door and stepped out in her pj’s with a large cup of dunkin donuts coffee. We both talk for a while, then I open her trunk and a huge inflatable swan pops out at me! Next thing I  know I’m on the pavement with a huge swan on me as if i was a egg,

“Sorry!’’ she gasped loudly.  

I look up at her and say, “ Jane we are going on a plane we can’t fit this!”

“ actually we aren't, “ she says with shame.

“ what!” I scream.

    I had never thought this would happen, Jane is the most organised  person In the world! I take out the luggage and bring it to the guest room, Jane looks around the room. The room has a lavender bedspread a nice white buro and a little side table with a fish tank lamp on top and a fuzzy lavender rug in the middle of the room. We set the luggage down  and I leave so she can get herself settled. I walk down the stairs and get my computer and look up the tickets we supposedly bought. It said that we had bought the tickets but they won't print.

Soon after I figure out that the people would have our tickets at the airport. I run back up the stairs and tell jane that we would still get our tickets, we both grab all of her luggage and shove it in her car except the big inflatable swan. Next we get my luggage and get into the car and drive to the airport. When we got there we rushed to the doors, the airport was not that pacted.

We walk up to a nicely dressed woman and tell her our name so she could give us her tickets, she hands us the tickets with a cheeky smile like she doesn't want to be there. We look at our flight number, 4. We start to run then we here over the over com, Flight 4 is descending. We run faster but when we get there they wouldn’t let us in! Then jane looked at me with a happy face

“I guess we will need that swan now,” she said with a grin.

“I guess so,” I said sadly.

                The end

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