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It had been a long time, but now he was here. The only person who could save the world. His name was Hero but everyone called him He. Slowly aliens had been coming to earth and blowing holes in the ground, and sometimes blowing up houses. That would soon stop because Hero was here. He was the universe's biggest and strongest creature, and nothing could beat him, except for his own weapons. So, to beat him you would have to get past his defences (bombs, lava, homing missiles, and more.) find his top secret weapon storage, get past the lasers and motion sensing alarms, and get out without being seen.

That is pretty much impossible. Which is why we chose him to help us. Now that I saw what he was up against I wasn't so sure he could beat them. All he brought was his lava gun and a small sword. Compared to the hundreds, maybe even thousands of aliens, all with guns and extra ammo the odds seemed impossible. Then the battle started, lava and bullets were flying everywhere. Aliens were falling down left and right. So far he was winning. About a hour later he had won. He barely even had a scratch on him, but there was one alien that had survived. It snuck up behind him, stole his sword and quickly stabbed it into Hero’s leg. Hero collapsed to the ground and that's where He lays until this day.
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