Nov 02
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    “It had been a long time, but now he was here.” My Dad had to go through training to get in the army. He was gone for a couple months, but finally he had come back to see us. He had tons of stories to tell my brother and me.  My brother was eleven and I was twelve. We enjoyed the stories he told us and he even showed us some of the training he did when he was there.

    My brother and I wished he hadn't joined the army. But to make up for lost time, we did lots of things together over the next month. We went ice skating and me and my brother started with these crates that would help you so you don't fall. Near the end I got the hang of it and I could actually ice skate. We also built a fort out of snow. We started it with a little hole in the snow bank and keep on digging. It turned into an awesome fort. It had a giant room with a tunnel leading out and on top we got snow and made a base. The last thing we did together was ski the whole day. I went off this awesome jump and went right over a fallen tree! My brother also did it. It got pretty cold and they had to shut down the chair lift, so sadly we had to leave and go home. That month was the best month I ever had with my dad. I will miss him when he has to go away again.
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