Nov 02
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Her long golden wavy locks twist and then they shake.

Her brownish eyes sparkle, like in the movies, that are fake.

Her glossy lips glissen with pride,

Her smile big and bold,

Her lashes long and thick, her beauty like a bride.

This is who I love. And this is who loves me!
She has her funny jokes, that she saves for the best days.

When I’m feeling mad, she knows it right away.

I know when she is sad, just like I did today.
When she laughs, or when I do, we laugh so hard we sometimes lose are breath.

I know my friend, and we will be together until death.
I know we will be friends in middle school, and definitely high.

I really hope we’ll never have to say goodbye.

We’ll talk together on the phone when we are so old, knowing that were never gonna put each other on hold.
She is the bestest friend.

The kind of friend thats good at gymnastics, splists and even a back bend.

Her smile lights up the room every time she walks in.

She’s the type that likes to win.
My friend is very smart.

Her innteigance is off the chart.

She has the biggest heart.
My friend and I will never be apart.

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