Nov 05

Not a Crime

I want to remember why.
Why I'm here.
Who I am.
Why I am stuck for life in this dirty box.
No one knows my name.
To them, I'm just Inmate B-38492.
To me I am that too.
I've been here longer than I can remember.
I grew up here.
The lullabies that rocked me to sleep were the whips smacked down across
The backs of the misbehaviors.
The sweet nothings my mother whispered to me was really just a gang of dirty men
Screaming profanity at me when I did something wrong.
I made the mistake of asking why I was here.
Inmate Z-8102937 was an embezzler.
Inmate D-37893678 was a murderer.
Inmate W-23789147 had attempted to take over the world.
I didn't remember doing anything.
But the warden boxed my ears for imprudence.
And sent me to solitary confinement for a month.
I learned my lesson.
After that I learned to listen at doors,
Searching for any scrap of information that could lead to my past.
Eventually I learned the truth.
I found my record.
Jonathon Edward Simmons (B-38492)
1 y/o
Life Sentence
Suspected of being in love with a man
So that's my crime?
Well, now that I think about it I do prefer men.
I thought that was normal.

The next day,
I packed my bags.
I left prison.
No one stopped me
Because I was riding a ray of sunshine.

About the Author: LadyMidnight
"There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemmingway