Nov 06
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The Color's Mask

Crescent moons
Hold perfect spheres
On them are circles of night
Surrounded by ocean depths,
Windows to your soul,
Your blue eyes show you the colorful world

The color of the grass we walk barefoot through
Same as the leaves, on the branches of the trees behind our house
And the insect that frightens me
But not you,
And the frog that keeps us up at night
Green is also greed, which you must stay away from

The color of the bricks forming our house
And the blood pumping through our hearts
Paint on the end of our brush
Enhancing our works of art,
And the car that brings us adventure
Inside red is love
Outside red is danger

The color of royalty   
Which we are not
But we are rich in wisdom,
Its the sky we admire just before the sun comes up on a cold winter morning
The same purple forms bruises when we fall down,
Remember to always stand back up

The color of the sun that lets our planet thrive,
The daffodils the deer eat from our grandmother’s garden
The dandelions in our backyard  
And the bumblebees that buzz around them,
The egg yolk that seeps on to your toast for breakfast
The cowardly lion in our favorite movie is yellow too, but you must be brave

Be careful, sister
For colors can be deceptive,
Learn to see behind the color’s mask of beauty

Once you leave my arms
You must carry our wisdom
And make your own way through the world