Nov 09

Weird Al Debate

"Just be quiet! I can't even look at you." I express in a tone so harsh that I can see him sink further into his chair in shame.
"I'm sorry," he seems sincere but I still refuse to face him, "I just don't like his music."
"How can you not like Weird Al?" I scream so loud that I know my voice will be hoarse tomorrow, "Arius, I am ashamed to call you my brother."
"I know you like him, but we're different people." Arius is trying to approach me with reason, but I won't let him win this.
"Well, you know what? You're a soggy piece of toast, that's what you are!" I realize my insult didn't make sense, but I'm not the most creative person, so it'll have to do. For some reason, he seems deeply offended; he jumps right out of his seat, stamps his foot on the kitchen floor and exclaims, "Yeah, well you're a broken toothpick!" I can see the tears building up in his eyes, but I keep yelling things like, "You're a pig in a dress," and "worthless candy wrapper." Finally, we look at each other. We don't speak for a good ten seconds, and then we burst out laughing. By the time we finally calm down my stomach hurts and my eyes are watering from laughing so much, again he looks me right in the eyes and chuckles, "You know, you suck at insulting people." I look right back at him and exclaim, "Ditto."
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