Nov 14

Ridiculous Hall

The blood rises in their faces. Sweat leaves their palms clammy. Breathing grows more rapid, opening their mouths to argue.
"I just can't believe YOU think I'M the angry one!" They yells, fuming at the thought.
"YES" Zi screams, "I'm not angry and YOU are!" The hairs on Zi's neck are on end.
They stomps their foot, as if to say 'Why don't you get it?!?!' They takes a deep breath and then shouts "I'M NOT ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Glass is heard shattering somewere around them, but they takes no notice.
"NOOOOOOOOOO" Zi rasps, sore throated and still infuiriated, "YOU ARE!!!".
Then as suddenly as it started, both stop stamping and screaming. They stare, as if in a daze.
It dawned on the duo what had just occured. To this day it is Rididulous Hall.