Nov 22

How To Be Normal

sit up straight, don’t slouch
put your feet on the floor, no matter how dirty it is
don’t comment on how dirty the bus is
don’t comment on how dirty anything is
don’t comment, your voice is annoying
you’re annoying
shut up, no one will listen to you anyway
lighten up, be grateful, life could be worse
put a smile on that damn face, you'll look prettier that way
wear a dress, you’re a girl, aren't you?
no wonder you don’t have a boyfriend—you should wear make-up
straighten your hair, keep it natural
do something with it before I shave it all off
don’t think about pretty girls
don’t think about your friend that way, that's wrong.
be straight
be good,
you're quieter than your sister, you’re better than her!
she’s so loud and ghetto
who’s the oldest?
be obedient, don’t cry when they yell or they’ll yell more
be smart, pay attention
how hard is it to remember? how old are you anyway?
don’t look at her like that
don’t look at them like that
don’t look at anyone, in fact, keep your head down—
no wait, straighten up, look ahead
(with glazed eyes)
don’t worry, we’ll get you braces
why are you flinching?
you’re fine.

I’m fine.
About the Author: hills1
Saniyah Elizabeth Hill