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This morning when I woke up, there was a loud noise that sounded like a room of 84 people applauding after a play in a auditorium that has a very noticeable echo. I noticed my phone dinging rapidly and when I turned off the volume, it seemed like the noise just got louder. Then, my mom called "Jeff, come downstairs for breakfast." Not wanting to disobey my mom, I did. When I got downstairs, the blinds and curtains were shut and after me asking why my mom said "Because, there is a huge paparazzi outside yelling your name!" With a peek out the window, I saw she was right and I immediately snapped the curtains shut again. I said "So that's why my phone was constantly dinging." My mom asked what I had said and I quickly responded "Nothing." After a big, healthy breakfast, I went outside to see what all the commotion was about and I quickly realized, that my life was about to get weird.

     I ran inside and upstairs where my phone was sitting on my bed. I picked it up and checked the texts that made my phone go crazy and sure enough, it was about my friends from my ninth grade class asking things like can I sit with you on the bus and will you go out with me and stuff. I decided to do some research online and what I found was unbelievable, I read in my head "Jeff Finklhimer, famous for newly published book The Meaning Of The World." I stared at the computer screen for 5 minutes in awe and finally got ready for school. On the bus, 30 different people wanted to sit with me and I sat in a seat in the back alone. I just couldn't get my mind to wrap around the fact that I was famous now. I got off the bus 30 minutes later and went into my school and when I got to class the teacher said "Jeff, usually I would ask for your homework but now that you're famous I feel it would be a waste and instead I feel I should say can i have your autograph?" I signed her homework sheet and that's when I saw it, my name only it was spelled Jeff Finklehimer not Finklhimer! I immediately pointed it out and the teacher said "Well I guess I need your homework now." luckily, I did it anyway so when I got home I told the paparazzi outside my house and they all went home and after telling my mom about it our life returned to normal, just the way I like it.
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