Nov 24
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Frazer Club

  I did it. I finally joined. It took me a while, but I did it. All of my friends said that it’s worth it. The Frazer Club looks like it’s worth it. It is a bunch of teenagers ages 13 to 16 that gather to have a ton of fun. There’s zip-lining, swimming, four wheeling in mud puddles. The Frazer Club seems like a total blast! The only weird thing about the club, is that no one has joined it in a while. The club has had the same staff and kids for the past three years, some kids even stay after they graduated, the age restrictions were starting to lose its “strictness” a long time ago. So imagine a club with 13 to 19 year olds. A little sketchy, don’t you think?
  So I’m on my way to their first “meeting” of the year. They do meetings every Friday until the end of the season. And they all seem strange. This club is always described as fun and adventurous, but that isn’t quite the vibe I’m getting from the club so far. We all get into a group, we all say our names and our age. You can tell a lot of people lied about their age.

   Next we all get together and are about to go cliff jumping. I have never been afraid of heights, this cliff was high, and if you hit the water at the bottom wrong something would be injured, maybe even death. So as we all go to the edge someone asks me how long I’m willing to do this club thing. I tell them it depends if these next few days are cool. He then asks me if I would rat on them if they did something extreme. I said that also depends. He then says what if it’s drugs or murder? His facial expression has not changed until I smile. We laugh about it and get ready to jump. Two people go before me, then as I am about to extend my leg to jump, I feel a sharp pain go through my calf. As I fall I see that it was a knife lodged into my leg. As soon as I hit the water I died. My eyeballs exploded, water filled my head and lungs. There was no way I could’ve lived. They took care of my body, and that was the last anyone ever saw of me again. If only I never joined the Frazer Club.
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