13 years old


  • The River Speaks

    There is a web and it holds us. 

    Pieces come apart so we help rebuild it. 

    We are a species that has forgotten our place on the web, so the earth reminds us. 

  • Ashes

    Ashes carried by winds choke me.

    Hear the cries as flames rise.

    A red sun burns above me.

    I can't see the end yet.

    The sky is far too hazy.

  • Sunup

                         Sky, warming with light                                                                                      faded but Unforgotten


  • The Way of the Sky

    Subtle changes, sudden rages, this is the way of the sky. 

    It wakes from its sleep to viciously reap the limbs that are no longer strong; 

    at other times it seems content to collapse upon the earth and cry.