Nov 28
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Uncle Dearest

You didn't even look me in the eye. 

Why had I become lesser than?

I do not need nor want your eye contact. 

you made a fool out of me and that was unacceptable. 

It is so shameful, 
no love between you and your wife. 
no confidence inside of you. 

I don't see a man, 
only a boy built up on his mother's favoritism. 
well look her in the damn eyes and make sure to thank her for your false narrative. 
because you are already past your mid life crisis and have only begun to rival my mother's accomplishments. 

What do you even carry such pride about?
What have you done with your time on this planet?
What have you contributed?
Who's life have you saved?
Who's life are you living for?

I could tell you my answers to all of those. 

Now could you look me in the eye and do the same?