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The Human Rights Club

At my highschool there are different clubs like the chess club, drama club and so on but there is one club that isn't like the rest. Only a select few kids get in and when you do you have to sign some sort of contract that says you will remain in the club for the whole school year. I heard many rumors about this club and how it was a cult using kids as sacrifices. I didn't think that was accurate since all the people who were invited were always at school and seemed in good health. Two days before the semester started I received an email from one of the kids at school. The email said: Hello Mark, this email is notifying you that you have been selected as one of the few people to join the human rights club. This email will be deleted in 24 hours if it is not responded to. It took me a moment to process what had just happened. I wasn't sure if I should join I mean I'm not that interested in going over human rights especially at school so why should I join. After about 10 minutes of thinking I decided to respond saying I would like to join. Then I waited. I recieved an email back. It said that they were delighted to know I wanted to join and then they told me to meet them after school at the local supermarket. I went through all my normal school things and then waited at the supermarket. No one was around but I was gonna wait for atleast the next 15 minutes. Then I saw four people in all black suits start heading up the stairs. It was really sketchy but I wasn't about to run. Then they said "Hello Mark we are part of the human rights club and here is your contract,". I read through it and then I saw that it said in fine print "Those who sign this paper will actually subject themselves to human experiments and will be tested directly after". I felt my stomach drop as I realized that these weren't kids from my school they were adults and they were kidnapping kids and testing mental tests on them. I tried to not show any fear incase they got suspicious. "Can I have a pen please?" I asked. The man pulled out a pen and that's when I saw the knife in his left pocket. Now I'm a big guy and can take care of myself but I'm useless against 4 adults with weapons. I had to make a run for it. As he handed the pen to me I through the clip board at his face and ran. I had hit him in the eye and the others were checking on him. I was about 20 meters away when they started chasing me. I vaulted over the gate between the road and the store's property. I ran across the road and into the woods. I could here them screaming for me. I just kept running. My lungs burned from all the running my face was cut from the branches I hit and when I finally stopped it was because my legs could no longer moved I was exausted. Once my breathing was under control I listened for people. I didn't here anything so I stood up and started walking even deeper into the woods. Then I looked down and realized that I was on a trail and the people must've noticed that. I cut off the trail and that's when I heard an ATV in the distance. "Oh shit they have found me, " I said under my breath. I dove behind a tree for cover and hid under the ferns around me. It was turning dark it was getting cold and I only had a sweatshirt. They moved past me and kept going up the road. I ran back towards the road following the trail when I finally saw the road I hitch hiked a ride home and called the police. It turned out the people who created this club were looking for healthy kids to test different drugs on to find their effects. They were all drug lords who had escaped prison. I was lucky because I was able to get away but the others were killed from how bad the drugs were. My family ended up moving and the criminals were never caught. But I know that they are doing one of two things; they're looking for me or they're hiding and either one is dangerous. I can't sleep at night because I'm afraid the moment I do they'll get me. 

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