Dec 03


 The scene was completely white until a black dot appeared in the middle of room. The dot slowly grew arms and legs before it was completely formed stick figure. "You know I have a name other than stick figure, right?" They say. Yes, I do know that. I was gonna tell them after we got all the small stuff out of the way. You've gotta lead into before giving out a name. "Why would they care that I'm stick figure? Why is that so important?" They comment to the narrator. It gives the reader something to imagine while they read. "So you mean to tell me that they can't see me in this gigantic white room? That's kinda stupid." They say. I can't control everything the reader sees. I'm not all powerful like a greek god. I'm just a narrator. Since you've been so mean, I'm not gonna tell the reader your name. That's for them to decide now. To you, reader, a hint to their name. It is a generic male name but is also the name of a hairstyle.
About the Author: Corborchers
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