Dec 06
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what should I do?

recently I told one of my bestfriends friend a big secret about myself. 
one i havent told anyone
i'm afriad to admit this to anyone
by anyone that including myself
the fear of peoples thoughts 
the fear they might judge me

In someways im afriad for myself
I dont want my entire life to change
and if I tell
my life will be switched upside down 
and everything will different

I know a lot of people have gone through this
some over came some died
I told one thats in the same situation
one that went through this a few years back 

that person is the one person i trust 
the one I go to for advice
they wont say they tell 
my secret is safe with them 
and with no one else

questioning sucks 
not knowing sucks
whats gonna happen if its true
well maybe its time I find out. 
but will I
probably not
I most likely will never lead to finding it out
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