Dec 09
fiction 0 comments challenge: Trees
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You know, sometimes I wonder how trees got to be able to walk and talk to each other. My mother and father were always talking to me about a world in which it was peaceful and there wasn't war between humans and trees. I think that that world is a world that I would love to live in. Humans want to kill us because we have lots of things that they need like, paper, wood etc. But if the humans kill all of us off Mom tells me that they won't have any fresh air to breathe! So I keep thinking to myself, why do they want to kill us? We didn't do anything to them! And when I try to ask a human, they just either run away or try to kill me. I'm so confused but a few weeks ago, I meet a nice human. She's not much bigger than I am and shes super nice. She always is apologizing and telling me that she too wishes that things aren't the way that they are now. I couldn't agree with her more.
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