Jan 03
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    Everyone was silent at morning meeting because of what happened. The night before in Mark Keegan’s lab was a terrible accident. Mark spent all night attempting to create a potion that will keep his students quiet when he teaches because what teacher wouldn’t want that. He couldn’t get it right no matter how many times he tried. Mark did everything to make it work. The students that talked during class were his test subjects. They all promised not to talk in class again. They begged and begged before Mark got so tired of it that he taped them to chairs. Around midnight, he sat down frustrated that his test subjects were still talking. Then, the most recent attempt started glowing. Green smoke started filling the room. Lighting cracked high up in the sky. The test subjects screamed as well as they could since they had tape on their mouths. Soon, the smoke fogged up the room, so thick, they couldn’t see. The smoke started creeping out the door. Mark ran outside the physics lab, hoping if he opened the doors the fog would clear. The test subjects couldn’t move because he taped them to chairs. The awful green soon cleared. Mark decided to never come to school at night. Everyone was silent at morning meeting because the green turned clear. And the potion worked.