Jan 09
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Painting A Rainbow

“Smile!!” my mom said as she held the camera to one eye, scrunching the other one.

        Cole stood one arm around my shoulders. My arm around his hips. As soon as the clicking sound of the camera taking as picture went into our ears we let go of each other. My mom hung a HUGE piece of white paper at the top of the slide.

I grabbed a red paintbrush gripped it tightly in my small 3 year old hand. I took my foot put it up onto the first rung of the ladder. Reached up and grabbed the third rung of the ladder and pulled myself up with one arm. I still gripped the paint brush tightly afraid to let it go and paint the grass.

I took both my feet and put them on the platform before the slide. My heart lifted  I felt like the king of the world. My smile hanging in between my ears. I glanced over at the paper. I took the paint brush into my other hand. I painted a BIG  red arch.

    It looked perfect in my eyes at the time. I left the paint brush up there in a big bucket of water, and slide down the slide. Cole came up behind me and painted the orange arch of the rainbow. Once we finished it looked perfect.
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