Jan 09
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Almost a Perfect person (challenge 70°)

70° is almost perfect. Almost perfect, but no one's perfect, right?
70° is like any other person, She's kind, generous, and so much more. But then when something’s not almost right, neither is she. At certain points of the day, 70° seems like the only person you would want to be around, but when a cloud covers her shadow, she isn't so “perfect” anymore. It’s almost like a routine you go through, You wake up, remember you have plans today, don’t know if she is going to be on the happy side or not. You meet her and you can tell by her expressions, a happy day. But boy you were wrong, prepare your umbrella because she floods you with insultes about other people, some you even think are about you. You decide to cancel plans and go back home, where it’s warm and dry, and full of happy conversations. So if you ever want to become friends with 70°, be ready for rainy and sunny days, because some days are amazing, and some are not.

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