Jan 10
wondering about rain's picture

Kicked Dog Cries "I Came Back"

When I say that I came back what I really mean is
you don't tell me sorry, I mean that fickle tilt
of your head means jack shit cause I came back for me,

what I mean is your teeth that glow, stained
in the dark don’t haunt me like your hands used
to, when they left a permanent burning sensation

where I felt you for days after like the whisper of shackles
and the click of our teeth together, when I say I came back
I expect you to recede into the horizon and cower

because it’s my turn now, my turn to toss and turn
you against the sand splattered ocean floor so you stay up
late licking your wounds feeling like a kicked dog

against the world, and when I say I came back I mean you woke
me up, I mean don’t worry I grew up, don’t worry I am happy,
I came back to the ground that holds me now.