McGill U

McGill will try and push you, every semester a hardfought battle
The only way to make it through
is to learn how not to get rattled.
Because they know who you were in high school
You got Straight A's and for this Uni you made the cut,
But even though you got in,
That doesn't mean, your strong enough
to get out.
The professors teach one thing in class
And test another on exams. 
You think you're going out tonight?
Honey, I think you should make other plans.
I've failed countless times,
But I will never count myself out.
I have struggled in so many ways
But that's what Uni is all about.
How much can you do,
How good can you be,
You need to better yourself.
Because the only way to succeed 
is to stop comparing with everyone else.
McGill is tough
It's hard to see the light, 
These don't seem to be "the best days of our lives"
But ultimately McGill will be your salvation,
That is,
If you do survive
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