Jan 23
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Stand Up

What are you doing? Yeah you, right there, sitting there reading this. What are you doing? Oh you're reading this and sitting there, right, guess I kinda answered my own question... ANYWAY! On a more serious note, WHAT are you doing? You are sitting right? Or are you Standing hmmmm? Standing for what you believe in? Standing for your time to show that you are more than what people think or say you are? Don't you get tired of living the same life day by day? Don't get me wrong, I know every day is different with it's own little spice of life but the only problem is that you work the same job, eat your food, watch your shows, go to sleep, and then what? I know everyone out there has something they wanna stand for! So why don't you? I bet I can figure out why with just one word. Intimidation. I know I know it's a big word (Intimidating isn't it?). And we live in a big world. The intimidation is huge! And I know there's gonna be a few of you out there that are gonna be like, "Pfft, this kid thinks I'm afraid of intimidation." Yeah that's right I'M TALKING TO YOU PAUL! Point is, intimidation effects us all no matter how much we deny it. So let's put it this way.

STAND UP! Stand for what you want and what you blieve in! For the ones that need our help the most, STAND UP! Link arms if you have to! If you need nelp then ask and STAND UP! Stand with the ones that will stand with you! Make people stand if you have to! No one should be left behind sitting and laying down! We need to STAND UP, love one another, fight for one another, eat with one another, live and breath with one another! STAND UP and scream if you need to! Run and jump if you need to! Raise your hands and love, because that's what we're built to do! No matter how much dark crap we go through! The more we stand together, the more we grow together, and the more we live, laugh, and love together! SO STAND UP!

(side note, sorry to any Pauls out there, no hard feelings)