Jan 29
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That is what I am.
For instance,
I tripped and fell into the road.
Almost got hit by a truck,
fell into some really disgusting muck.
My homework ruined.
Brand new jeans ripped.
The teachers roll their eyes.
"Your such a clutz," they say,
sighing as yet again,
I hold in front of me,
another assignment ruined,
illegible, unrecognizable,
looking as if it has already started to decay.
I get off the bus,
walk to my house.
Open the door,
steeling myself for more sighs.
She's at the counter,
I step quietly on the squeaky floor,
maybe I can sneak, unnoticed, up to my room.
"What did you do?!"
I give her an apologetic smile as I take off my shoes.
"I tripped and fell into the road."
"Goodness, child! How long much longer can this go?"
A question asked not to me, but to herself.
Yet, I say,
"I'm sorry Mom. But I don't know."
She closes her eyes,
looks up at the ceiling as if the answer is written above in the sky.
I look down at my muddy feet.
Ripped holes in the knees of my jeans.
And think about yesterday,
when my chemistry project ignited into a great explosion of fire.
It happened quite suddenly,
teacher screamed next to me.
My cheeks burned red as everyone laughed.
I am reminded of the time
I dropped my tray, walking out of the lunch line.
I'd bent down to pick it up,
But got knocked over into a puddle of milk
By Little Mick-Bic.
It looked like I'd peed my pants.
I was humiliated.

 I wiggle my muddy toes through my socks.
I try to think of a day that
Luck finally took mercy on me.
No such day comes to mind
except for the time I found a
Four leafed clover.
At seven years old,
I jumped with joy upon finding it.
I put that little green clover in a little container so it wouldn't get crushed.
I carried it around with me all day,
with a smile on my face.
I felt like the luckiest person in the world.
Despite the fact that my art project broke,
Despite the fact that I skinned my knee,
Got stung by some bees,
Crashed my bike,
And lost my best friend Mike The Acorn,
I still had faith in that clover.
I still believed that someday,
that clover would free me from this bad luck.

I am unlucky.
I guess I was born with the curse.
I can't change it.
But I can embrace it.