Jan 29

See to Believe

There is a saying, “You have to see it to believe it.”  There is a circus called See to Believe, where it fulfills that statement.  See to Believe is no ordinary circus. It doesn’t have any clowns, lions, tigers, acrobats, or even flying elephants.  It has beautiful, unique Stelland Horses. Stelland Horses are lovely horses that each have their own abilities. There is a group of  horses in the circus: Cascadia, or Cassie, the water horse, Agnimitra the fire horse, Noelani the wind horse, Luna, the strong horse, and the main horse: Ella, the earth horse.  These wonderful horses perform dazzling acts with their abilities. Cascadia jets water out of her hooves and makes beautiful water orbs. Agnimitra makes flowers out of her beautiful, powerful flames.  Noelani glides through the air and makes animals and other creatures run gracefully through the air and into the crowds. Luna lifts many heavy objects, and even offers to take volunteer children and adults and pick them up.  Ella makes real flowers, trees, and exotic plants grow in the ring. In the finale, all the Stelland horses come together and use their abilities to create a most beautiful spectacle. We don’t want to spoil the finale for you; we want you to experience it for yourself!  After all, you have to see it to believe it.