Feb 01
fiction 0 comments challenge: Luck
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Just my luck day

I woke to the sound of my furnace groaning as if its bones ached. I get up and go to the basement the cold floor seeping through my slippers. Sure enough the furnace was broken not giving off any of it’s warm comforting heat. I go upstairs shivering with every step, grab a blanket and wrap myself in its warmth as I call the furnace dude.  

I feed Ruckuss and the cats. Then go to make my coffee. As if not taking a nice warm shower wasn’t bad enough the coffee makers spits and sputters like my rickety old car I  had when I was a teenager.

“ Could this day get any worse?” I ask myself.

I get dressed and ready for my big meeting with the corporate director today. Of course on the worst day of my life. As I rush out of my freezing cold house to start my car I slip on the icy walkway and twist my ankle.

“Oh come on!!! Gosh that smarts. I have no time for this”.

With two and half hours until my meeting I limp to the car on my purple and swelling ankle knowing right well that I will have to go to the hospital before my meeting.

I speed to the hospital. Just as I was ten minutes from the emergency room I hear the sirens and see the blue lights. I pull over and get my license and registration ready I only have two hours to get to my meeting.

“Good morning officer. I know speeding but you see I hurt my ankle this morning and I have a big meeting to get to in the next two hours or I’m fired”.

“ Ok Ma’am I’ll let you off with a nice little ticket. License and registration please”.

“Here you are and thank you could you please hurry”.

Luckily that only took about ten minutes and I was off to the hospital again. I get to emergency room and the desk lady says that it will be a twenty minute wait. When I get called in it’s another thirty for all my x-rays to get back to the doctors. Then they have to cast it and off I go.

With one hour until my meeting starts I go as fast as I can to the office. I reach the conference room with four minutes to spare and I get an email saying that it was cancelled.

“After all I’ve been through are you serious right now”?