Feb 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Elves

The Path was Far Behind

The path is far behind you
You walk ahead
Blind to direction
And taking everything in
You are alone
No one else to hear the crunch of leaves and twigs 
Beneath your bare feet

Something brushes your hair
Graceful within the bounds of a second
You whip your head around
Glancing at each tree with suspicion and surprise
A creature, it must have been

In a flash
Something grazes your ankle as it swiftly passes by
You jump
You shout, you look around you
The sunlight is filtered through the green and yellow leaves
The tree trunks laugh
At your side, a whisper

The trees are beautiful this afternoon, aren't they?

You stare straight ahead
Breath catching in your lungs

You do not need to be afraid.
There is nothing but loveliness here.

Slowly, you turn your face toward the soft, feminine voice on your left
There stood
What looked like
An elf
A tall woman, with dark skin and pale hair
Her pointed ears adorned with silver flowers 
Her clothes were made of forest
Her eyes eyes were made of sky

Come out, little ones

She said, in her impossibly smooth

A small creature, no larger than two feet tall, peaks out from behind a tree
It smiles
Looking up at you from beneath its bushy eyebrows

This, you realized, was the creature that brushed your ankle

What..what are you?

I think you know that, child



You continue to stare at the little creature that nearly blended in with the tree
Its clothes were green and rough
Brown and leathery

Hello, child it said

The forest is beautiful in this light, isn't it? said the tall, wise one

She put her long graceful fingers on your wrist
Her hands were cool, and smooth

A twig snapped

You whipped your eyes to the right
You feel her fingers leave your arm
You turn back, and the two beautiful creatures are gone

They never show themselves to you again,
But you know they are real
And they always will be