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Luck Machines

The entire world changed when the first luck machine was built. At first, only the richest could afford them but soon they were going out to the public very fast. After only a year almost everyone in the word had a luck machine. Soon the governments outlawed luck machine as they moved the economy to quickly, people would go out with their luck machine use it to get enough luck to make a fortune in a day, spend some of it and then lose it the next day to someone else with a luck machine. After the worldwide ban on luck, machines was created the public was outraged. Riots broke out all over the world government agencies were attacked, martial law was activated in six countries. Two countries had their governments overthrown. Two years after the ban the United Nations met to find a solution to their problem. The decision was made to make a brand new luck machine. But this model would be different, the new luck machine would give you luck equal to the amount of work you did. After the new luck machines were sent out to the public a massive shift in the economy occurred as people who were accustomed to working hard long hours, became incredibly rich. While people who were accustomed to working desk jobs or managing others lost lots of money to the new luck machines in the hands of hard workers.  These new luck machines made several governments lose lots of money and soon the people who had been oppressed worked hard got luck money and power, and then organized coups. Soon the rich were all poor and the poor were all rich. And then the rich started working harder and they got the luck and power. And so the power continually shifted in a never-ending race to get luck and power. Governments all over the world collapsed and many societies were thrown into anarchy, wars for luck started and nuclear weapons damaged the planet. So now we live in a world torn apart by these luck machines. But if there is one thing they did that was good is teach us how to work hard.
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