Feb 16
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost
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You wake up slowly, your eyes gradually adjusting. Suddenly, you're on your feet, looking frantically in every direction. You don't recognize a thing. Where are you?  The world around you seems to be hazy. You have a headache and you see that your on a small island. It's not a tropical island. It has a bunch of pine trees. It also has thick grass tufts spread throughout the island.  You can see a tiny island really far away. But you wonder how you got here? Why is your head ponding you feel a drip of something run down your forehead. You wipe it off BLOOD. Why is your head bleeding? You touch your head and you feel a gash on the top of your head, it stings when you touch it. You start to worry you take of your jacket and sweatshirt and wrap the sweatshirt around your head.  Then you put your jacket back on. You hope it stops the bleeding. You then start to explore your surroundings. You see a car you decide to go tho the car. You peek inside it has piles of pine needles building up on it. You can see little tares in the seat from where mice have used material to make their nest. You see the keys of the car are still in the gas. You try to open the door its locked so you pick up a rock and start smashing the window. You break open the window you reach into the window slowly trying not to cut yourself on the glass.  You grab the keys and try to pull them out. They don't come out so you pull harder they come free but you slam your arm on the glass and cut yourself. You slowly pull your arm out of the window the cut wasn't too bad. You open the door of the car with the keys and climb in. You decide to start the car and its siren starts to go off. Then you hear a shrill screech on the island it sounded demonic. You try to turn the car off it wont turn off. You hear a running noise coming towards the car. You see a skinny humanoid creature running at the car. It's running on its hands and feet.  Its skin was white and withered with small splotches of hair on it. You stare in terror as it jumps on the car its eyes are pitch black. It stands on the car staring at you its body shudders it lets out a scream and starts smashing the window. You come back to your senses you get in the back seat looking for something anything to try to defend yourself with. But it was to late the creature smashes through the window. It grabs you and starts to throttle you. Smashing you from one side to the other. Then it all goes black are you dead? What was that creature? I guess you'll never know.  
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