Feb 20

55 American Flags

Today I saw 55 American flags.

10 were in parks that were covered with snow and the stars peeped out from beneath a layer of fog.

9 were on sunglasses stacked in a little shop, waiting for a forever home, only to be broken and trashed.

8 were spray painted on stray walls in different hues, carelessly slashed into existence forever.

7 were on T-shirts with various words expressing American views with a few choice words all mashed.

6 were signs advertising our home. Words like beautiful and free accompanied them.

5 were on YouTube in the background flying at important American locations with controversial words brazenly displaying themselves.

4 were in dumpsters, signs they had given up hope of an American life and American ways.

3 were on boats pulling out to sea, great plumes of smoke drifting up behind them revealing hidden shelves.

2 were in paintings showing off our land but hiding all the unseen.

And 1 was in my head the entire day as I wondered what ever happened to the American dream.

About the Author: LadyMidnight
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