Feb 28

For My Parents Half A World Away

Alternate Title: I Don't Know You But I Love You Just the Same

I'm taking a DNA test.
Not purely for a race breakdown,
not just for the health analysis,
and not those other things.
We know I'm Chinese,
most likely with pepperings of
Mongolian, Japanese, Korean,
and other broadly East Asian countries.
I've been healthy until now,
and while the knowledge is nice,
I'm not doing it for this.

I'm trying to find my birth parents.
I don't owe them anything,
nor do they owe me anything.
It's hypocritical of me
to say that blood relations don't define family,
because although my family right now
is a beautiful one,
I still feel a connection
to those that gave me life.

I find it hard to villify
and to sympathize,
but I do just want them to know
that their baby girl is alive,
and okay.
I want them to know
that their baby girl
says hi
and that she loves them.

I want them to know
that their babygirl
did a DNA test
on her birthday,
not just for herself,
but for them.