Feb 28
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The Big Storm

I heard it on the news earlier. I told my parents that the eye wall was supposed to hit us right on. The didn’t listen to me, told me that wasn’t going to happen. It never had before. This didn’t convince me, and I was right.

    We live in Key West and it was hurricane season. There was a category five hurricane. Coming right at us it was supposed to it us in three days time. They had already ordered evacuation. When we didn’t leave immediately I figured that we were just waiting for the traffic to go away. But then I realized that we would have left by now. I got scared. I asked when we were leaving and my parents answered “we aren’t going to leave.”


I asked. My parents answered “because we’ve lived hear our entire lives so we are going to die hear.”

“But that’s not fair because I’m only eleven and I still have my whole life to live.”

They didn’t heed my words, any of them. Why, I have no idea. But what I do know is they made a terrible mistake. The night the storm was supposed to hit we were in the basement. We could feel it coming. The whole island holding it breathe waiting, waiting. For what I could only imagine. Then is came suddenly, like a monster that has been hibernating for decades like a volcano that’s been dormant for more than fifty years. It came destroying everything in its path.

My parents trying to protect me saying words that must have been attempts to comfort me but I can’t hear them over the howling wind. I think at least our basement is below ground but it doesn’t help because I can hear the house above use getting ripped to shreds literally. Then I panic I can’t think I’m hyperventilating from all of the shock and suddenly fall. I passed out the stress got to me.


    I wake up and the storms past I can’t find my parents anywhere i screen at the top of my lungs “mom, dad.”  

No one answers then I see someone coming towards me I hold my breathe but it isn’t one of them but it is my parents good friend I hug him. He tells me your parents are dead the storm took them. I didn’t think I could cry any harder but I did.

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