Mar 01
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When They Leave

  I wish I could tell my parents, but I just can't. Even if I did, they wouldn't believe me. When my parents leave, they come from out of the walls. We all get along pretty well, but when we can't come to a conclusion on something, things get messy. We throw food at each other, drinks, furniture, you name it. But it's always unfair, them knowing that they can't feel pain. I on the other hand can, and sometimes they take advantage of it. They all team up and I never stand a chance. I can feel the pain, but it never leaves a mark, not a bruise nor a scratch. When my parents get home, they ask what I did around the house. I sometimes think they're talking about the chairs and drinks and food all over the floor that them and I threw at each other, but whenever I look around, none of it is there. All of the mess seems to disappear when the door opens. Maybe they cleaned it up? But my only issue is that whenever the door shuts, my vision goes black for a quick second. But when my vision comes back, I find myself sitting in my living room playing the Xbox, right where I was when my parents left.
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