Mar 04

She Dies At the End

She dies at the end, you know.
Little Ophelia Walker, about five years old as of today.
She enjoys flowers, coloring, and watching the chickadees play outside on their bird feeder.
Her mother works six days a week, about 48 hours, earning nothing more but $1,800 every two weeks.
Her father is jobless, and sits on his La-Z Boy recliner, watching the local news and guzzling beer after beer after beer.
He sometimes hurts her mommy, Tammy; but he says sorry after, tells her he loves her and would never hurt her   
But he always says that after he hits her and punches her and kicks her.
Ophelia never has had friends.
The girls at school are snobs, and pick on her for just about everything she does.
They tease her endlessly; They lie about her.
But she doesn't stand up for herself.
She makes is through middle and high school with that mindset;
Ophelia Walker lets her bullies walk all over her.
In high school, she starts to run with the wrong crowd,
Thinking that those people will be her real friends.
But they're not.
She gets involved with alcohol and drugs, things she promised her mother she would never do.
But after the death of her mother, she stopped caring.
Her father now turns to beating her when he's drunk, since there's no one left but Ophelia.
Ophelia can't feel anything, can't feel the pain from the punches of her father;
Everything she's been doing has left her feeling empty.
After she graduated high school, she moved in with her boyfriend of two years.
He, like her father, was an alcoholic and beat her.
After years of being kicked around, she finally left him and got a place of her own.
But with two children and one on the way, she couldn't keep up with the demands of work and life in general;
She slipped into a depression, which made her drink even more, to escape the pain and feel numb again.
Then that fateful day when she almost...
That's not how her story is supposed to go. She was supposed to die...
But she doesn't.
Her aunt found her at her house, passed out and reeking of alcohol.
Her aunt took her to the hospital, where Ophelia recovered and then started rehabilitation.
Ever since that day, little Ophelia Walker, though not so little anymore,
Turned her life around and lived drug-and-alcohol-free the rest of her life.
About the Author: Leah.W
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis