Mar 08
poem 0 comments challenge: Woods
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Between the trees

Deep in the forest, against the green

the maple trees sway and smile with ease.

The widow tree wraps and wraps around children

where little tears seep.

The dog, eager to be relieved paces around the stumps,

sniffing each blade of grass to find the right places.

The birch trees perk at their reflection on the young girls

piece of paper.

The tips of pine visible for miles as the sun shines.

The banyan tree snears as its roots wrap around your boots.

With squinted eyes, hands reach to grasp the crisp

apple on the top branch, looking up at the sky.

The fir trees wrapped in crystal lights, shine bright on cold

December nights.

For if you listen close, you can hear the whispers between

​the green ghosts

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