Mar 08

Golden on Kirby

Brown pig tails waving in the wind,  
Pink Skechers hitting the street, 
Little girl with one big smile,  
Her small hand clutching a treat. 

The suns shine bright upon Kirby, 
As she runs down the little lane, 
Eager to throw a ball and hug, 
To her friends Dave and Adelaine. 

The blue jeep she greets with a smile, 
As she reaches the shaded front door, 
Then ringing the brass bell quickly, 
The door opens up just for her. 

The pups, they come to the threshold. 
And she feeds them a crunchy snack, 
Watching each crumb be devoured, 
Proud of how she acquired that. 

Tennis balls flying in blue skies. 
Wet tongues waving in a cool breeze, 
Little girls and her neighbor dogs, 
Happy as they all will please.