Mar 09
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Holden Struck  age 12

Essex Junction  ADL School
YWP contest #23   Cat photo
The day my cat talked

It had chocolate colored fur speckled with white. I instantly knew that it was special. We were at the downtown pet store and I was looking for the right pet. As soon as I saw the cat, I knew it was meant to be. A little before coming here my mom had given me the lecture about responsibility around animals. I was kind of letting my mind wander thinking about what pet I would get. My mind was set on something cute, and the next thing I knew my mom was starting the car. I pointed to the cat and said, “ How about that one.” My mom bent over the cage, as if searching the cat for flaws, and said, “ Okay.” A short while later we were at home and I was in my room with my cat. I absentmindedly started to say to the cat, “ I hope you like cat food and treats. My mom might pamper you a little.” my cat looked at me and opened its mouth. “ A little pampering can do.”I stared at my cat speechless. My brain was in shock. I looked down at the cat and expected it to sprout wings and fly out my window. If you read my thoughts you would be looking at a very bad novel full of random words. My cat continued to speak. “ Why are you so shocked? Didn't you feel the psychic connection when you walked in the store?” My mind was still reeling. I uttered something unintelligible. My cat was still staring at me. “ Well?” he said. “ Where is the pampering you spoke of, and the treats?” “ Wow.”  I said, and that was the start of a beautiful bond. ( full of lots of pampering.)     
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