Mar 11
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A Plea From an Ash Tree

As a little ash tree, I’m young and very sweet.
I just wish emerald ash borers wouldn’t eat me.
I dream I will live a happy long life,
Don’t let them crawl in and destroy me like a wiggly knife.
They crawl under and up in ash bark, squiggling through the dark,
and to get out they dig a hole like a garden with a mole.
Adults are a pretty emerald green, but they will eat my flesh all clean.
I don’t believe using pesticides will most successfully work, but also don’t want the beetles to continually lurk.
They tend to eat me and my fellow trees, but I’d be nice to them if they were nice to me.
Since that’s not the case, please help keep them in a contained place.
Leave your firewood in it’s space so that my bark doesn’t become lace.
People should protect the trees and fight as one so that in the end the ash trees will overcome.

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