Mar 17
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Day #1
    We stepped out of car ready to stretch my legs since the stop we took an hour ago. Yay ! We’ve arrived to our final destination. “Finally I can relax” Chloe said. As she said this she looked around and saw tons of trees around her and enough room for a tent,campfire, and picnic table. “Wow it’s beautiful” Chloe said. When her parents helped finish setting up the tent it was still light outside. She walked around with her dad while mom made the dinner. They both stumbled upon a patch of trees that were taped and marked up. The words read “ Emerald ash borer infestation. Be warned, these trees are contagious. Don’t cut down. You were warned !”  “Ohhhh kay… I guess they made it pretty clear that there's some sort of weird problem with these trees.” “ Dad. No. I - I think that the sign says some sort of bug is taking over certain trees.” And she was right. Their were tons of holes in the trees clearly made by some sort of insect. They walked back to their campground number, had dinner, and went to bed.
Day #2

I think it’s helpful that I wrote the name of whatever the heck is eating the ash trees. I have so many questions about what the thing even is and what is does. As I eat my breakfast I wonder what i’m going to do in terms of research of this thing. It will be perfect for my class project.
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