Mar 22
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Once upon a time, a boy named Arthur was faced with the toughest decision a young boy could make. Earlier that week Arthur was down by the lake. A whisper came from behind him, it said "follow" He turned around, and a Wisp, a mythical creature said to lead you to your fate, was floating above the ground. In awe, Arthur followed the Wisp down a dark path. They arrived at this abandoned temple, Arthur said "W-where are we?" He turned to his side, and the Wisp was gone. Tempted by fear, he started to walk back. When suddenly, the Wisp returned, and said, "Go inside. Your fate awaits you." Then it disappeared into thin air. Arthur swallowed his fear, and walked inside. He was greeted by an old man, sitting in an old throne. "Come. Come closer" the man said. Arthur took a deep breath, and walked toward the man. "Who are you?" Arthur asked. "I am the oracle of Paneses. And I've summoned you here, to tell you of a great danger headed to your town." Arthur didn't believe him. "How do I know you're telling me the truth?" Arthur said. "You don't, but you must be willing to trust." The old man said. "I see into the future, and by the crack of dawn on the third day of the week, the crows will sing a song. The song of death. Once you hear this song, you must rush to the kingdom, with this." The old man handed Arthur a bottle filled with a green liquid. "What's this?" Arthur asked. The old man said, "You must feed this to your king, who will be dead in his bed." Arthur was a little shocked by what he had said. "And why are you picking me for this? Isn't there some other, more fit for this job type person?" Arthur said, in confusion. "No." The old man said firmly. "It must be you. You possess a power no one else has." Arthur looked at him like he was crazy. "Um, my dyslexia?" Arthur asked. "Not dyslexia, young Arthur. You are able to read greek. Because you are a demi god." Arthur wanted to believe him, but knew he wasn't as cool as the man was saying he was. "And what if I don't do any of this?" Arthur asked. "Then you would be the cause of your villages destruction." Arthur looked at the man. "Whatever you say." The man looked at him one last time, and said, "One last thing, when you are hurt, focus on the clouds." All of a sudden, Arthur jolted up in his bed. With a huge sigh of relief, Arthur murmured, "Of course it was a dream." But when Arthur looked on his dresser, the bottle of green liquid was sitting there. He was a little freaked out by this. Arthur glanced at it, and then walked downstairs. "Mom! Dad! I'm awake!" He yelled. No one replied. He looked at the calendar, it read Wednesday, the third day of the week. Arthur, a little scared, but not fully convinced, walked outside, and sat down on his porch, quietly. He listened, it was very quiet in his village this morning. Suddenly, breaking the silence, a family of crows began to caw. He listened to their song, and ran upstairs. He grabbed the bottle, and ran towards the kingdom. The sound of thunder echoed through the empty village. Arthur ran up the stairs of the kingdom. He pushed open the doors to the kingdom, not being stopped by anyone, because the kingdom was empty too. He shouted the kings name. No response. He frantically searched for the bedroom of the king. He found it, and there was the king, dead in his bed. Arthur, with fear overflowing in his body, took out the bottle from his pocket, and lifted the kings head. He poured the drink into the kings mouth. A few seconds later, the king sprung up, like he'd just seen a ghost. Arthur stepped back, and looked at the king. "W-what happened?" The king said, confused. "You were dead, so I used this potion, and saved you." Suddenly, the ground shook, and it cracked open. Hades, the god of the underworld and death, emerged. Angrily, he threw a ball of fire at the kingdom. It exploded and Arthur was thrown back by the explosion. Arthur, hurt and on the ground, remembered what the old man had said, "When you are hurt, focus on the clouds." Arthur looked up at the clouds, and focused on them. Suddenly, a huge lightning bolt struck down, missing Hades. Arthur was amazed. He focused on the clouds again, and suddenly, a bigger bolt struck, and hit Hades in the shoulder. He screeched in pain. "Remember this boy! I will be back! And your village will be mine to claim!"  Hades disappeared into the air. Suddenly, the sun was shining. The next day Arthur woke up, greeted by his parents, who gave him lots of hugs. He ended up living in the kingdom with his parents, and served as protector of their village. Arthur knew Hades would return, but when he did, he'd be ready for him. 
The End.
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