Mar 24
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In Pieces

 I don't know how long this has been happening. Days, hours or even seconds. Huddled in the basement, all of us. We all are crying softly, like if we cry louder, the storm will raise its voice too. But, Bella gets louder every time she hears our furniture getting destroyed. I am now reciting prayers in my head, and thinking about the awful time that we will step out of our basement, only to see our dear house in pieces. And most of all, I am dreading the times where I see my parents sending a check to the furniture company and the re-builders of our house. I am afraid just to see how many 0's there will be. My beating heart tells me that I need to focus on the positive. There isn't a whole lot of positive things, but one of them is that we are finally getting rid of that horrible couch.

"Jennifer!" Grandma yells."How long will this last?! And, Oh My-how long will we last?!"

"Mother! Don't scare the children!" Mama rubs her forehead and starts crying again. Grandma's face softens. Eventually, everyone is crying. And I start singing.

My voice challenges the thunder, until it is only a tiny drumbeat. I turn to the lightning and my voice is still more powerful. I don't even need to glance at the rain before it is only a light drizzle. Don't even get me started on the wind. I won.